Steve SymesSteven A. Symes, Ph.D., DABFA, is dedicated to delivering the highest standard analysis, consultation, training and expert testimony to meet the needs of law enforcement and medico-legal and jurisprudence agencies.

In addition to traditional forensic anthropology services that include determining human vs. non-human remains and assigning chronological age, sex, stature and ancestry of a decedent from the skeleton, we specialize in the analysis of antemortem, perimortem and postmortem trauma to bone. A leading authority on forensic tool mark analysis, we interpret the unique fracture forces that play upon bone in suspicious death scenarios to determine telltale signs of the weapon that caused them. Besides our expertise in sharp force trauma, particularly saw marks; we specialize in the analysis of blunt force, burned, ballistic and healing trauma in bone. Principal investigator Steven A. Symes has 30 years experience in the field as a forensic scientist, consultant, expert witness, author, educator and sought-after lecturer. Please take a moment to peruse our website and see how we can help you.



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Analysis of Bone Trauma and Pseudo-trauma in Suspected Violent Deaths

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The Analysis of Burned Human Remains

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