Symes authors chapter on trauma in

new anthropology textbook

Forensic specialist here Tuesday

Ashland (Ore.) brings in forensic specialist

Mercyhurst forensics team dispatched to Reno Amtrak

crash by NTSB

Jurors to see 'clean' bone photos in James Hawkins

murder trial

Autopsy directly links defendant to Newark

Schoolyard slayings, prosecutors say

Symes testifies in Cincinnati child abuse case;

defendant pleads guilty four days into trial

Jury hears about marks on bullet,

bones in Danbury murder case

Symes joins Lee, Baden and Spitz
at annual death investigation forum

Symes recognized for
human rights work in South Africa

Symes earns T. Dale Stewart Award
for lifetime achievement

Symes called to testify in 'suitcase murder' trial

Symes lends trauma expertise to
investigation of New Jersey slayings

Symes applies trauma specialty
to human rights abuses in Juarez

Forensic Magazine cover story
A Cut Above: Sharpening the Accuracy of
Knife and Saw Mark Analysis

(Issue: June/July 2006)

Evidence Technology Magazine, “Interview with an Expert” feature:
Two niche areas of death investigation:
Sharp-force trauma and burned-bone trauma

(Issue: May-June 2009)


News Videos

WICU Interview with Steven A. Symes (Courtesy WICU-TV, Erie, PA)

Symes' trauma expertise draws students from around

the world (Courtesy WICU-TV, Erie, PA)





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