Consulting Services

Physical evidence analysis of human skeletal material resulting from unexplained or questionable deaths in a medico-legal context, including:

  • Sharp force trauma
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Burned bone trauma
  • Ballistic trauma
  • Healing trauma

Comprehensive laboratory analysis including identification and inventory of recovered bones and fragments (photography and radiographs included)

Taphonomic analysis of human remains, aiding in the determination of postmortem interval and determination of postmortem trauma

Concise expert reports with images, along with statistically validated, court-compliant estimates of a victim’s biological profile (chronological age, sex, stature and ancestry)

Recognition and analysis of child abuse

Pre-trial evidence analysis and consultation

Expert witness testimony

Human rights case consultation

Professional lecture engagements

Resources include:
Multiple laboratories, including forensic osteology laboratory and customized forensic anthropology lab, with full-function human remains processing room, digital x-ray capabilities, walk-in coolers and secure evidence room.

Laboratory equipment includes Leica FSC/DFC290 comparative binocular scope, Leica MZ16A binocular scope, Keyence VHX-60 digital microscope, Hewlett Packard cabinet x-ray faxitron system, Fordisc 3.0 and graphical analysis software, along with full range of casting, photographic and videographic equipment.


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